My International Achievements 

14th CCI**** Pau (Coopers Law) 2017 

3rd CCI** Osberton (Gortfadda Diamond) 2017

20th CCI** Osberton (Cooley Roller Coaster) 2017

4th BYEH FINAL (Hazzle Dazzle) 2017

7th BYEH FINAL (Cooley Now or Never) 2017

3rd CIC** Somerford Park (Gortfadda Diamond) 2017

5th CIC** Somerford Park (Denver VI) 2017

8th CIC** Somerford Park (Coopers Law) 2017

9th CIC* Chatsworth (Denver VI) 2017

8th CCI* Blair Castle (Cooley Roller Coaster) 2016

2nd CCI* Tattersalls, Ireland (Cooley Roller Coaster) 2016

Member of World Class Podium Potential Squad 2016

Longlisted 2016 Rio Olympic squad. 

21st Burghley CCI**** (Coopers Law) 2015

Selected Reseve for Team GB Senior Eventing Squad European Champs, Blair Castle 2015

5th CCI* Camphire (Cooley Roller Coaster) 2015

9th CCI*** Bramham (Coopers Law) 2015

1st and 6th Ballindenisk CICO*** (Gino Royale 1st, Coopers Law 6th) 2015

2015 Member of World Class Potential Squad (Coopers Law, Gino Royale)

12th CIC*** Chatsworth (Coopers Law) 2014
23rd CCI*** Bramham (Gino Royale) 2014
11th CCI*** Blair Castle CCI*** (Gino Royale) 2014
2nd Placed Nations Cup Team, 11th individually CCI*** Boekelo – Holland (Coopers Law) 2014

 Winning Nations Cup Team and 2nd CIC*** Montelebretti- Italy (Coopers Law) 2013

Runner up BYEH 5yr old Final (DHI Jetset) 2013

3rd and 6th CIC** Burnham Market (Coopers Law, Gino Royale) 2013
1st CIC** Belton (Tullibairds Showtime) 2013
6th, 10th, 12th, CIC*** Bramham (Tullibairds Showtime, Coopers Law, Gino Royale) 2013
7th CIC*** Blair Castle (Coopers Law) 2013

 1st and 5th CIC** Little Downham (Gino Royale, Coopers Law) 2012
4th and 5th CIC** Hopetoun  (Coopers Law, Gino Royale) 2012
3rd CCI** Blair Castle (Coopers Law) 2012
3rd and 5th Osberton CCI** (Gino Royale and Tullibairds Showtime ) 2012

2nd CCI* Houghton Hall (Coopers Law) 2011
2nd CCI* Osberton (Gino Royale) 2011
2nd and 3rd place CIC* Chatsworth (Coopers Law, Gino Royale)  2011
11th Burnham Market CIC** (Beeswing) 2011
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with Coopers Law, Douglas and Beeswing at Belton 8/9 yr old National Class 2011

2nd Weston Park International CCI* 2010 (Douglas)

3rd CIC* Gatcombe International 2010 ( Coopers Law)

4th Somerford Park CIC* 2010 (Coopers Law)

12th Tattersalls CCI* 2010 (Beeswing)   

 Winner  Lycetts 5yr old Eventing National Finals 2009  (Coopers Law)         
12th CCI* Osberton (Nenagh)

2nd place Hickstead Eventing Grand Prix 2008 (Kellymoss)
6th Burnham Market CIC*** (Cavalier's Knight )
3rd place BYEH 5yr old Final 2008 ( Beeswing)
6th place British Eventing 4yr old Final 2008 (Coopers Law)

Winner Event Horse Owners Association Riders Award 07 ( Nominated by Nicky Dickson)
Winner - Hickstead Eventing Grand Prix 2007 (Kellymoss)
Winner - Blenheim International Eventing Grand Prix 2007 (Kellymoss)
12th - Weston Park Intrnational CCI**  07 (Six Hills Sapphire)
Winner BEF training grant 06/07

12th Under 25 Championships Bramham CCI*** 06 (General Outlook)

19th Boekelo CCI*** 06 (Steal The Show)

5th - Scottish Open Championships CIC*** 06 (Steal The Show)

6th Burgie CCI** 06 (Steal The Show)

2nd Necarne CCI* 05 ( Cavalier's Knight)
7th Necarne CCI** 05 ( General Outlook)

Completed Badminton and Burghley 03, Badminton 04 (Bridgestone)
Winner of Highest placed first timer award at Badminon 03  (Bridgestone)

2nd Under 25 Championships, Bramham CCI*** 02 (Bridgestone)
Winner Young Rider Advanced Trial, Bicton 02 (Bridgestone)
Shortlisted Young Rider Team 02 (Bridgestone)
Top 10 places at Necarne, Blair Castle and Dijon   CCI ** (Cavaliers Knight, General Outlook)
3rd  Hartpury CCI *  ( Printers First Edition)

Winner of Junior National Championships 99 (Weston Miskris)

3rd Tweseldown CCI* 99 (All's Fair)

Runner up Junior National Championships '98  (Weston MIskris)
Winner of European Silver Medal and Team Gold at Junior Championships '98 (Weston Miskris)

Winner of JRN National Championships '97 (Weston Miskris)
Winner Derby House Owner/Rider Championship '97 (Weston Miskris)
Winner of Eventing Novice Rider’s Championship '97 (Weston Miskris)
Winner of Lesley Bullock Eventing Award from the most promising up and coming rider, Oct 1999
Winner of Spilller’s Talent Award '99
Winner of Armathwaite Hall Scholarship for future stars
Winner of Burghley Young Event Horse 4 year old final on 99, and 02 ( Barbers Berber and Rhodium)
Invited to commentate at the Burghley Horse Trials 07

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